Digital Printing

Apollo offers you the latest in digital printing. We are excited to have one of the best digital presses available. This press prints beautiful, high-quality color and is fast and efficient. Some of the key features and benefits of the system include:

Digital quality that rivals that of an offset press
Cost-effective for shorter runs
Quick turnaround
Color and image consistency
Inline finishing capabilities such as folding and saddle-stitching
Broad range of paper choices

All of these features are sure to save you time and money with our expert staff bringing your project to completion in an easy and timely manner.

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Variable Data

Imagine shooting 1 or 100,000 arrows from a single bow simultaneously and having each one hit its intended, separate target – right in the bull’s-eye.

That’s the idea behind Variable Data Publishing (VDP), and why so many people believe in its power to create marketing campaigns that produce excellent results.

Apollo automates the creation of customized materials by merging recurring content from a page layout template with variable data imported from a database and digital asset repository. Dynamic design software assembles each unique document according to a set of rules defined by the user, and an advanced digital publishing system produces a final piece in which text, graphics, and imagery are as individual as each recipient.

With over 38 years of print and marketing experience, Apollo is well positioned to help you take advantage of this exciting new technology. From data collection to template preparation, we help leading companies, higher-education institutions and not-for-profit organizations customize marketing campaigns with targeted direct mail for significantly increased response rates.